Wanted – The Ultimate WoW Guide to PVP Strategies

Dave Farrell, aka Dugi, the author of the Ultimate WoW Guide has added another guide to his catalogue called “Ultimate World of Warcraft PVP Strategies”. It has been designed and written by highly rated arena players to ensure you not only get the most out of your time playing World of Warcraft, but so you also have a distinct advantage over all your opponents.By employing effective strategies and by having detailed knowledge of any opponent, you have the keys to winning any fight or battle. You can dominate the Alliance in battlegrounds, dominate the Horde in arenas and dominate them whilst questing. By using this Ultimate WoW Guide, you will have in your hands the single best World of Warcraft PVP Guide available anywhere on the internet.The Ultimate World of Warcraft PVP Strategies extensively covers 1 vs. 1 strategies and it covers the effective use of tricks and Macro. The Ultimate WoW PVP Strategies also has more than an hour of online streaming videos, which feature the very best PVP MOD on the web. If you find it frustrating using e-books then you will love the accompanying interactive web site that ensures you find the information you are looking for fast via the sites simple navigation set up.Here is what you will get when you order this guide:* 81 Detailed Match Up Strategies – This is step-by-step instruction on how your character can defeat any class.
* PVP Macro Guide – One of the keys to winning in World Of Warcraft is good macro’s. This PVP guide delivers here in spades and it is simple to replicate into your own game.
* Recommended PVP MOD – MODs can be confusing, so the designers of the guide set out to make this simple. To improve your performance, only the essential MODs are shown.
* Over 60 Mins of PVP MOD Video Tutorial – These videos are easily the best way to understand and get the most out of your PVP MOD. The videos are:
1. PVP MOD Tutorial – Over 10 different tutorials of essential PVP add-ons.
2. Basic UI Configuration – Introduction to setting up your Action Bar.
3. Key binding Tutorial – How to setup your hot keys and action bar
4. Using Focus target function & Macro
5. Arena Map Guide – How to take advantage of Arena Maps.
* Interactive Web site with Popup Tool tip- Every class skill, spell and talent is linked to provide you with an instant tool tip about it.
* Class Strength and Weakness – They have also included pages of your class strengths and weaknesses to give you a greater understanding of the strategies you can use to defeat all opponents.You will also receive the recommended PVP Talent Spec, because you’ll be amazed at how many WoW players are using the wrong talent spec to PVP with. You are also guaranteed that there are no cheats, no hacks and that only LEGITIMATE strategies are employed. You’ll love what this will do for your game and for your peer recognition. It is that good. Go and see for yourself.