Warcraft Wealth Reviewed – New World of Warcraft Wealth Guide

Several weeks ago, I was invited by Wayne to review his new Warcraft Wealth guide, and I have to say that when I first arrived at his site, suddenly, right from the beginning something grabbed my eyes. It was the picture that immediately caught my attention. The account had 41,426g in the WoW gold!You see, Wayne had invited several of us in a particular forum to evaluate his new guide: Right when we received the information we thought to over selves, “It can’t be…That’s too way too good to be true! I never saw that much gold in my entire live”. Well as you probably already guessed, a little voice inside my head pushed me to read further on the website. It was like somebody whispered in my ears: “What if it’s true? What if you really can get the epic flying mount in less than a week?Is Warcraft Wealth The Best Solution For Making Gold Fast?Is this guide really that good? Well, we’ll give you some insight into the guide and let you judge for yourself to see if one can really build wealth in Warcraft.Below you will find most of the inside information that the guide contains:o Wow Basics: If you are a complete noobie or middle of the road level player… definitely you should start with Wow Basics. Although, my main character was a level 70 Human Paladin, I was curious enough to read it. It was very surprising to discover grinding spots that I never knew existed and that was very helpful, because my second character is a level 15 Blood Elf Hunter.This part of the new guide Warcraft Wealth, contains a lot of useful information and leads you smoothly to the advanced section. It shows you how to pick up your professions accordingly to the character that you have, which are the best grinding spots, and which strategy you need to adopt in order to make thousands in gold. But, of course, making gold with a low level character is much, much harder though.What I really liked the most about this section is the fact that it does not contain a lot of fluff. I mean all the pages are strictly focused on making gold and only gold.The second part of Warcraft Wealth guide is the following:o Mining Maps Guide: This section is perfect to use along with both the beginner and the advanced guides. There are a whole bunch of maps that cover all the mining spots you need, and how to access them really fast. For me it was a time saver.o The Auction House Videos are the third component of this World of Warcraft guide. I love this part! Although I thought that I’m good at Auction House, Wayne has revealed to us some things that literally multiplied my profits overnight.This is exactly what I did, I followed Wayne’s ideas… and this thing turned very profitable for me. I watched his methods and I managed to increase my efficiency at the AH very easily. You should try it too if the AH is not your strength (and even if you think you are good, because I also thought so and I was wrong).This is part contains two videos. The first one shows you how to set some “secret” add-ons for making more gold and creating Warcraft Wealth.The second video presents a cutting-edge strategy that Wayne personally uses and I promise you that it’s more than profitable.And finally, the breakthrough that I keep talking about.o Warcraft Wealth – The Advanced Guide which is (the forth component). I have been playing World of Warcraft for three years now, and I’ve read all the guides that I could get my hands on. I can tell you that this guide will open your eyes.For me it was special because it showed some really cool WoW gold-making secrets. Plus, for sweetening the pot, Wayne has introduced a “killer” method for taking the Epic Flying Mount in 22 hours. He even shows you how to make 40g every 7 minutes!That was the icing on the cake for me. I wasn’t able to be so fast. But, I’m still very happy with his method. It took me 2 days to get the damn epic flying mount, but now who is traveling with the speed of sound? Yep, I am!o I don’t want you to believe that I would have risked my account if I wasn’t sure that Wayne’s methods are 100% legit. Yes, Wayne is a Pro WoW Gold Seller but, all the methods that are presented in his WoW guides are more than legit and you don’t even have to think about cheats or hacks.Are There Any Negatives in Warcraft Wealth?I must say that there are not too many things that I’m not satisfied with. Warcraft Wealth was a very pleasant surprise and I do recommend it. But, of course, you have to decide for yourself.Below are a few things that you may want to be aware of though.1) Even though the guides intention to offer you fast solutions for making thousands of WoW gold in minimum time, not all the methods will bring you those results instantly. You just need to follow the strategies provided, and it could take you a few days for making thousands of gold. But, hey, where are you at right now?2) The biggest problem I had is that Wayne should have come out with this guide 2 years ago. If I knew his techniques at that time I would probably now I considered “The Ultimate Gold-Maker”. But I’m sure it took him a while for discovering and find tuning and implementing the methods. So this aspect can be considerate again as my negative.You can also learn what other new and informative WoW gold making guides are out there. Just do some research, visit forums and talk with other Warcraft players. You can learn a lot from one another.

Wanted – The Ultimate WoW Guide to PVP Strategies

Dave Farrell, aka Dugi, the author of the Ultimate WoW Guide has added another guide to his catalogue called “Ultimate World of Warcraft PVP Strategies”. It has been designed and written by highly rated arena players to ensure you not only get the most out of your time playing World of Warcraft, but so you also have a distinct advantage over all your opponents.By employing effective strategies and by having detailed knowledge of any opponent, you have the keys to winning any fight or battle. You can dominate the Alliance in battlegrounds, dominate the Horde in arenas and dominate them whilst questing. By using this Ultimate WoW Guide, you will have in your hands the single best World of Warcraft PVP Guide available anywhere on the internet.The Ultimate World of Warcraft PVP Strategies extensively covers 1 vs. 1 strategies and it covers the effective use of tricks and Macro. The Ultimate WoW PVP Strategies also has more than an hour of online streaming videos, which feature the very best PVP MOD on the web. If you find it frustrating using e-books then you will love the accompanying interactive web site that ensures you find the information you are looking for fast via the sites simple navigation set up.Here is what you will get when you order this guide:* 81 Detailed Match Up Strategies – This is step-by-step instruction on how your character can defeat any class.
* PVP Macro Guide – One of the keys to winning in World Of Warcraft is good macro’s. This PVP guide delivers here in spades and it is simple to replicate into your own game.
* Recommended PVP MOD – MODs can be confusing, so the designers of the guide set out to make this simple. To improve your performance, only the essential MODs are shown.
* Over 60 Mins of PVP MOD Video Tutorial – These videos are easily the best way to understand and get the most out of your PVP MOD. The videos are:
1. PVP MOD Tutorial – Over 10 different tutorials of essential PVP add-ons.
2. Basic UI Configuration – Introduction to setting up your Action Bar.
3. Key binding Tutorial – How to setup your hot keys and action bar
4. Using Focus target function & Macro
5. Arena Map Guide – How to take advantage of Arena Maps.
* Interactive Web site with Popup Tool tip- Every class skill, spell and talent is linked to provide you with an instant tool tip about it.
* Class Strength and Weakness – They have also included pages of your class strengths and weaknesses to give you a greater understanding of the strategies you can use to defeat all opponents.You will also receive the recommended PVP Talent Spec, because you’ll be amazed at how many WoW players are using the wrong talent spec to PVP with. You are also guaranteed that there are no cheats, no hacks and that only LEGITIMATE strategies are employed. You’ll love what this will do for your game and for your peer recognition. It is that good. Go and see for yourself.